Savannah’s Smile

by Alison

Here in the dental office, we get a lot of magazines, and "People" magazine is a favorite with patients. The January 15 cover of, "People" has a really nice picture of Hoda and Savannah. They both look gorgeous, but Savannah’s teeth are bothering me. Really her teeth look great, but her gummy smile looks less than attractive to me. To me, her mouth looks like that of a little kid who is about to bite someone.

hoda and savannahWe used to think the answer to that was a procedure called crown lengthening, and that is sometimes still called for if a patient has short teeth. But Savannah’s teeth look long enough to me. What I would do if I was her is to get a Botox injection on the upper lip. It would relax and drop her upper lip just a little, making her smile look more relaxed and natural.

A quick Google search for images of “Botox for gummy smile” turned up many great photos, you can see one here. Personally, I'd be willing to pay for Botox to get the nice result on this before and after image of upper lip Botox. But I am a dental dork, so . . .
gummy before and after

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