DIY Dentistry

by Alison

There is a new trend in DIY dentistry. You might have seen ads for clear braces at home, which seems like a harmless enough idea. But as with most things if it sounds too good to be true it probably is. I found an article by Scott Froum DDS on the Perio Implant Advisory site which tells us exactly what can go wrong. You can check it out with this link.

This particular article is talking about a practice called "gap banding". This is where a person takes rubber bands and wears them typically at night. Putting a rubber band on two teeth will pull them together. You can do this to pull front teeth together. But a person should only do this under the supervision of a dentist because this could happen. 

Rubber band in gum

This gal went to the dentist after gap banding herself. She has some gum swelling and discoloration as you can see. The dentist had to do a little surgery and found a rubber band stuck up under her gum. Yikes! That looks like it hurt, and she lost some upper jaw bone because of it. She ended up needing a bone graft.
So DIY projects are fine for yard work, or maybe some home projects, and things like hairdos, but dentistry should probably be done by dentists.

If you, or someone you know, have done some DIY dentistry and need a hand fixing something that has gone awry we can help. Give us a call at 703-532-1712. We like hearing from you.