Correlation & Causation

by Alison

Many people think they can be perfectly healthy while having cavities, gum disease, or tooth abscesses. They are wrong. Dental conditions are linked to overall health, and this article published in,  “AGD Impact” news explains why. Darn, I wanted to put a link here, but the site is passcode protected, so I will just paste a photo of the article here. If you would like to see the whole article I can send it to you. Just give me a call. 

AGD article systemic disease

The gist of it is that, “Seven out of 10 leading causes of death . . . can be connected to inflammation and/or bacteria in the oral cavity:”

When we get into the meat of the article we can see that it’s not merely a correlation there is indeed a, “cause-and-effect relationship between periodontal pathogens and arterial disease. High-risk bacteria present in periodontal disease are now considered a contributory cause of arteriosclerotic vascular disease, including heart attacks, strokes and more.” 

Therefore, I think we can safely say that we are not only saving teeth by helping patients to maintain healthy teeth and gums that last a lifetime, we are also saving lives. If you would like us to help save your life give us a call 703-532-1712