What About That Study?

by Alison

We just had a gorgeous young woman in the dental chair - gorgeous hair, makeup, and clothing. I admired her dress aloud. Her smile is electric - beautiful, straight white teeth. She has six cavities. She does not clean between her teeth every day. She said she flosses maybe four times a week. When they say they floss four times a week it’s probably twice a week.

I am telling you, she has cavities due to the bacteria between her teeth that are not being removed because she so rarely removes it. So we talked about a few factors that are causing her cavities. Patients NEVER want to hear that it’s their fault due to not cleaning their teeth thoroughly enough.

When I started to discuss the fact that she needs to clean between her teeth EVERY day, not just four days a week she said, “What about that study that said . . .”

I headed her off at the pass, I was smiling, and she was smiling as we both knew what she was talking about. I said, “Yeah, sure, you don’t have to floss. We can just keep filling your teeth.” We both laughed. While I was teasing her good-naturedly, I was also being truthful.

I knew exactly what she was talking about. In 2016 the AP put out a story that said that flossing is not proven effective. The story cited many studies that could not prove that flossing is effective. I blogged about that story when it came out in 2016. You can see what I said with this link. http://www.fallschurchsmiles.com/alisons-blog/87-august-2016/203-dont-floss

And notice, I said she has cavities because she doesn’t clean between her teeth. The AP story is right about floss; it’s a lousy tool. Cleaning between teeth effectively is the key. Using toothpicks, a water pick, or a proxa-brush to remove bacteria is the way to go, as I have said so many times in this blog.

Floss is indeed not proven to be effective to reduce dental problems.
1. Because people lie about how often they do it.

2. People flat out refuse to do it. 

3. Because it is a lousy tool.

But I can promise you if you do not remove the bacteria between teeth, completely, every 24 hours you will have gum disease, bad breath, or cavities. I promise.

So it’s up to you. Clean your teeth, even between teeth every day, or suffer dental problems. We are happy to either help you with those problems or show you how to avoid those problems. Either way, we are happy to hear from you. Give us a call 703-532-1712