Cuticles & Gums

by Alison

I am obsessed with YouTube. One of my favorite channels is Simply Nailogical which is a Canadian gal named Christine who does nail videos. She’s very proud of her natural nails, and she should be because they are gorgeous. She does really nifty nail art tutorials, gives lots of tips on home nail care, and nail product recommendations.

I havsimply nailogicale learned so much about home nail care from her videos. My own nails are much healthier and prettier due to following her advice. One of the keys to nice fingernails is having healthy cuticles. I had always discounted cuticles as an unnecessary step in nail care.

Due to her advice, I have learned how to care for my cuticles, and have found it makes a big difference in my home manicures. To have healthy, nice looking nails one must have healthy nice looking cuticles. You can’t have one without the other.

This made me think of all the advice that I dole out on my blog. If a person follows my advice they will have healthy teeth. And one of the keys I always harp on is having healthy gums. I know for a fact that one can only have gorgeous, healthy teeth if they have gorgeous, healthy gums.

So there is a real parallel there, and thanks to Christine at SimplyNaiLogical I get it now. I hope my blog does for people’s teeth what her videos do for fingernails. Hmmm, maybe I should be doing dental videos instead of dental blogs.

If you’d like to have healthy, pretty fingernails check out SimplyNailogical on YouTube. If you’d like to have healthy, pretty teeth read my blog, or give us a call 703-532-1712