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by Alison

Dr Quinn

 A patient asked us the other day if we thought the beautiful and talented Jane Seymour has veneers. My first response was probably, but then I just had to know for sure. Trying to find pics of her from back in her Bond Girl days is tough. She didn’t smile much back then, which made me think her teeth were probably less than perfect back then.

 This was the best I could do. You can see Dr. Quinn in this image, and I’d bet that those are indeed veneers. They are so perfect, so even, and so white.You can see in this image when she was younger her teeth are not terribly visible. But what little is visible looks great, natural with a little gap on the left side. Notice, as Dr. Quinn there are no gaps at all. The older photo showing a little gap also leads me to think she now has veneers.

Jane Seymore young

So to our patient L.N. who asked, Yes, I think they are veneers. 

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