Atari’s Teeth

by Alison

Akiras teeth isle of dogs

We were on vacation last week, and I had lots of fun. I went to the movies and saw, “Isle of Dogs”. I really enjoyed it and will see it again for sure.

Teeth are a big part of the movie, as one of the dogs actually has fancy, government-issued teeth that he can spit out kinda like grenades, pretty cool. I think the animators did a great job on the dogs’ teeth. They seemed anatomically correct and realistic in how dirty they were. However, I wondered all through the movie about the animators’ choice for the boy, Atari’s teeth. Atari is a 12-year-old boy searching for his dog.

While Atari is 12 his teeth are those of an 8-10-year-old boy. This stands out to me, and I double checked with Beth and Dr. Urban, they agree this looks like an 8-9-year-old boy, 10 max. And it’s not just our opinion, it’s a fact based on the ages kids lose and sprout teeth. I just kept wondering, why not say he’s 10? Or if he must be 12 for the plot, why not give him 12-year-olds dentition? I guess the obvious answer is to make him look younger and therefore more vulnerable. I really don’t know. But it was a fun movie. I say go, especially if you are a dog person.

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