Rainbow Grill

by Alison

Rainbow grillI am a huge fan of the Podcast and YouTube channel known as “The Joe Rogan Experience”. I remember when that sentence would have made no sense to me. Anyway, Joe and his guest were talking about this guy in the photo, or I would have never heard of him.

Apparently, this guy is a rapper and has achieved some notoriety in that field. His name is Takashi something or other. Anyway, I am appalled by this fella’s grilz, or grills or whatever the kids call these monstrosities nowadays.

I guess that’s it. These teeth are as bad as his tattoos. I hope the teeth coverings are at least removable, unlike the tattoos. If these things are not removable I guarantee they are causing a ton of troubles with his teeth. Why, why, why? I just don’t get it. Then again, if this outlandish display of color is what is gaining him fame, I guess that’s why.

This makes me feel old. You kids stay off my lawn! And if you have any dental questions or needs feel free to call 703-532-1712. We like hearing from you.