Oral Cancer

by Alison

We at the dental office have had a sad and alarming week. One of our long-time patients is losing half of his tongue to cancer. How can that be? If he was a patient of record we would have caught the cancer in time, so that it would be a small procedure to remove it, not half the tongue.

Well, you see this fellow, while he was a patient of record, did not come in every 6 months for his cleaning and oral cancer screening. The last time he came in for a regular checkup was in 2009!

Since that time he came in a couple times for broken teeth and paid for his grown daughter's cleaning and examinations. After she was grown his insurance stopped paying for his daughter. That’s right insurance, dental insurance. This patient had dental insurance that would have paid 100% for his cleanings and examinations. I can guarantee you that if he had come in every 6 months we would have caught that cancer when it was very small, and this patient would not be losing half his tongue.

Please, please don’t be that patient. Get your colonoscopy at 45, get your mammograms when your doc says to, get your pap smears on time, and get your dental cleanings and examinations/oral cancer screenings every 6 months.
Oral cancer ZungenCa2a

This is a pic I got online to show you what oral cancer looks like. While this does indeed look like our patient's tongue this is not our patient. This is an image I got from Wikipedia. 

If you would like to have an oral cancer screening or any dental procedure, give us a call. We can help you with that. 703-532-1712