Floss or Alzheimer’s

by Alison

“Periodontal disease bacteria may kick-start Alzheimer’s”, is the headline and finding of Dr. Keiko Watanabe, professor of periodontics at the UIC College of Dentistry. If you’d like to read more about this you can with this link https://today.uic.edu/periodontal-disease-bacteria-may-kick-start-alzheimers

Dr. Watanabe did a study on wild mice where she exposed them to the bacteria involved in periodontal disease. Even the researchers were surprised when they found that their data “. . . not only demonstrate the movement of bacteria from the mouth to the brain, but also that chronic infection leads to neural effects similar to Alzheimer’s”.

I know I’ve blogged about this before, but I just got this story today from the “ADA Morning Huddle”. I think this is worth blogging about again as the links between Alzheimer’s and gum disease just keep getting stronger.

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