Tony's Tooth

by Alison

Sopranos teeth dreamI love, “The Sopranos” the series that ushered in the golden age of television. The writing, acting, and production values are top notch. Each episode was a little movie. If you like dark, gritty dramas it’s totally worth watching.

The Sopranos had several dental mentions in the series. Meadow’s boyfriend, Finn, is in dental school and we briefly see him there. In season 5 the episode entitled, “Test Dream”, Tony has a long, involved dream where he loses teeth. You can see the tooth he lost in his hand in this image I got from YouTube. You can see a clip of the dream with this link

It made me wonder what tooth loss means in dreams as it seems to be common. There are many answers online about tooth loss in dreams, some are – Anxiety over loss of a job or relationship, anxiety about money, bad decisions, anxiety about appearance, the list goes on. It seems tooth loss in dreams could indicate anxiety about nearly anything. The only thing I found to be common is that it seems to indicate anxiety about something.

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