CBD & Dentistry

by Alison

Dentistry today WEED“We sell CBD oil in the office because it is great for people who experience anxiety, seizures, temporomandibular joint pain, bruxism, and insomnia, and it has anti-inflammatory properties,” is the astonishing quote I found in, “Inside Dentistry” the November 2018 edition.

I say astonishing as I have been in working in dentistry for 30 years now, and I never thought I’d see the day that a dental magazine would have a quote about the efficacy of a cannabis derivative for dental issues. CBD is short for cannabidiol which is a chemical derived from cannabis.

Dr. Sandra Moldovan, a periodontist who practices in Beverly Hills, is the one who is selling CBD oil in her office. I am picking my jaw up from my desk as I read the rest of this article. I just can’t get over it - cannabis, safe, legal, and being prescribed for dental issues.

We here in Virginia are not so lucky. Our state laws don’t allow this innovative approach to dental pain, inflammation, and anxiety. We must stick to over the counter pain relievers or risk the serious side effects, addiction, and deadly overdose possibilities that are inherent with opioids.

Here’s to hoping that the Commonwealth will join the majority of the U.S. and allow its residents the same options to treat pain, anxiety, and seizures with the safe and effective options that cannabis and its derivatives can provide.

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