I Flew

by Alison

AL flying IMG 7967Wow, I did the iFly experience at the iFly facility in Ashburn. It was great, I recommend it to anyone. The only issue I had was that I bought the video ahead of time and I cannot seem to get my voucher to work. But as you can see I was still able to snag an image from their website of me in flight.

I found their legal waiver to be quite thorough and scary. It said that you won’t hold them liable for anything including death. It mentioned possibly needing an ambulance or a dentist. This made sense to me, so I was sure to take my mouth guard. I wasn’t scared of dying, but I dang sure don’t want to break a front tooth!

When I arrived I asked the first guide if I should wear my mouth guard he said, “No. You don’t need that. No one ever gets hurt.” But then my guide heard us talking and said “Yeah, I broke a tooth in there once. It wasn’t fun.” I smirked at the first guide as I put the guard in my mouth. It seems my guide was in the wind tunnel with another guide and that fella kicked him in the face accidentally. While I knew that was unlikely, as the guide’s feet do not leave the floor when we are in there, I did see that it would be pretty easy for my face to hit the guide’s helmet, so I wore the guard. Thank goodness I didn’t need it.

So if you want to do something fun and unusual check out the iFly facility in Ashburn. If you need a mouth guard give us a call. We can help you with that. 703-532-1712