Angela's Ashes

by Alison

Angelas ashesI am a latecomer to Angela’s Ashes, Frank McCourt’s biography about growing up in Ireland during the depression of the 1930’s. My grandmother, who was also raised in the depression era, in the UK, was a huge fan of both the book and the movie, but it always seemed too dang dark too me. Sure enough, it is dark but also great (I know, duh, it won a Pulitzer).

As always the dental quotes are what get me. The movie seems a tad different from the book. I found this quote online, "Oh, Billie, Billie, I want to be in America with you and all that music, where no one has bad teeth, people leave food on their plates, every family has a lavatory, and everyone lives happily ever after."

The movie shortened it to, “Oh America, where no one has bad teeth and everyone has a lavatory.” This is spot on as far as I am concerned. To me, these are indeed basics that we all want – good teeth and a lavatory of our very own.

If you want a lavatory of your own we can’t help you with that. However, if you want good teeth we can certainly help you with that. Give us a call 703-532-1712.