by Alison

“Downsizing” is a 2017 movie that has an existential, mid-life crisis theme with a science fantasy twist, and weirdly a couple of dental scenes too! I really like Matt Damon who plays the lead. I am also a big fan of Kristen Wiig who plays his wife, and Christoph Waltz who plays Matt's new pal, helping to guide him through his new life as a five-inch tall person.

Matt Damon Downsizing image to the left that I lifted from YouTube shows Matt Damon during the shrinking process. They shave his head; indeed they shave his whole body because hair isn’t live tissue, so it won’t shrink. A person would look like Cousin It after shrinking if they didn’t shave their hair off.Cousin It For now, let’s not think about why they didn’t shave his nostrils or eyelashes and what shrinking everything except nostril hair and eyelashes might look like. We must suspend disbelief to get through this movie.

The thing that I found really interesting was the dental work performed before they were shrunk down. The freshly shaved and unconscious were wheeled into a giant dental operatory with lots of dentists and assistants removing crowns and fillings. Later the female protagonist explains how she was widowed when her husband’s head exploded as a result of gold teeth that were not removed prior to the shrinking process. Yikes!

So if you ever consider being shrunk down to about five inches tall be sure to have all your crowns and bridges removed first. And if you need a good dental office in Falls Church give us a call 703-532-1712