by Alison

Sleep is crucial for health, and believe it or not dentistry can help you to sleep better. I was listening to a story this week on NPR about sleep apnea. You can check it out with this link https://www.npr.org/sections/health-shots/2019/04/22/714249236/beyond-annoying-how-to-identify-the-sounds-of-a-troublesome-snore 

NPR is correct, as they so often are. Sleep apnea is a sort of severe snoring, and it can be dangerous, even life-threatening. If you or someone you love has sleep apnea it’s really crucial to go to a doctor who can correctly diagnose it. Usually, the doctor will get the person who has apnea to wear a CPAP at night. One of those things that look sort of like a fighter pilots mask.  cpap apnea treatment 171576486 5c01c810c9e77c0001dc4e66

The first thing most of us think is, ‘I can’t sleep with that thing on my face!’ Don’t fret, if you can’t sleep with that on your face, and if your doctor says it’s OK, we can make you a night guard that will hold your jaw in a position that will keep your airway open at night. 

snor guardYou can see the image to the left is a night guard designed to position your jaw so that your airway is unobstructed while you sleep, and voila, no more snoring! It’s far less obtrusive than a CPAP, and most patients tolerate them quite well. Just one more way that dentistry can improve, and maybe even save, your life.

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