The Tudors Teeth

by Alison

Tudor sugar deathI find Tudor history very interesting, and as both my readers know I am also really into teeth and YouTube, so I was super excited to find this YouTube vid about how sugar/tooth decay killed the Tudors. You can check it out with this link

In this video, Dr. Jelena Bekvalak, an Osteologist at the Museum of London, shows a skull from the medieval period vs. a skull from the 16th century which is the time of the Tudors. It’s easy to see how the Tudor skull suffered from tooth decay that the earlier skull did not suffer from. They go on to explain that sugar had been very expensive in the Middle Ages, but that slavery during the Tudor era brought the price of sugar down, which increased its consumption to the detriment of those who enjoyed it.

A pathologist names Suzy Lishman explains that the Tudors started to keep track of causes of death, and we can see in the image above that this particular week lots of folks died from the plague, consumption, and 113 people died from bad teeth. Of course, there were no toothbrushes or antibiotics during the Tudor era. Increased sugar consumption caused tooth decay, untreated decay turned into infections which then got into the bloodstream and caused death, as well as a lot of pain and suffering.

As always I am so glad to be living in 2019, and in a rich area where most of us don’t suffer from tooth decay, at least not for very long. If you are suffering from tooth decay, or any dental issue, we can help you with that. Just give us a call 703-532-1712.