Squibb's Dental Cream

by Alison

Squibb at Times SquareThis image is of Times Square in the 1930’s. The image shows ads for brands we still see today – Budweiser, Camel, Chevy, and Coca Cola, but what caught my eye was the giant, brightly lit billboard for Squibb's Dental Cream. 

Once I saw that I had to google Squibb’s Dental Cream which led me to this nifty print ad that says Squibb's Dental Cream was made of Milk of Magnesia and helped guard against pyorrhea. The line that I really like is at the bottom of the left column. “It is as important to protect the gums as it is to clean the teeth.” That is still true today.

So if you’d like a tube of Squibb's Dental Cream talk to your druggist today. If you’d like to have a great dental office give us a call 703-532-1712.

squibbs dental cream