Spicy Teeth


Poor Sean Spicer, he’s got one of the worst gigs in media. He’s on the hot seat every day, and SNL is skewering him at every turn. However, I am sure he will parlay it into something fabulous in the future. So I won’t feel too bad about piling on

Carly & Bruce


On Friday we went to a class given by some of my favorite dental gurus, The Madow Brothers.

These guys are very upbeat, funny, and knowledgeable. A story that Rich Madow told on Friday is one I have heard him tell before. In fact, it’s one I’ve



Today is Holi, the Hindu Festival of Color. You can check it out on Wiki with this link https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Holi

Wow, that’s some color! We deal with color a lot in the dental office. Tooth color is not one shade. Check out this shade



While there is lead in drinking water in Flint Michigan and some tap water is flammable (flammable, for goodness sake!) in Texas one would think folks would be happy if they just had fluoride in the water. But no . . .

Apparently, the anti-fluoride