"I Don't Even Have To Floss"

by Alison

I love the movie, ‘Ground Hog Day’. I’ve seen it quite a few times, OK scores of times, and cannot envision a February without it. In this movie Bill Murray plays Phil Connors, a weatherman who achieves an odd sort of immortality.

One of the things that Bill Murray does initially is revel in his apparent immortality. He’s eating pastries, guzzling coffee straight from the pitcher, smoking cigarettes, over indulging in whatever is at hand. His co-worker shows up and asks about his over indulgence. He brags in an enigmatic way that he doesn’t have to worry about anything.

ground hod dayWhat does a newly immortal being brag about to other humans? In Phil Connors case it’s this https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4mjDS8jw2fI.  He brags that he doesn’t have to floss and then jams an entire piece of cake into his mouth.

This cracks me up. Really the whole movie cracks me up, but this scene particularly as everyone hates to floss. So much so that the screen writers, Danny Rubin & Harold Ramis, thought that was a logical thing for a newly immortal person to be happy about, and I agree!

It really is universal that no one wants to floss. Guess what, I can tell you how to avoid floss and still prevent gum disease and cavities. The double top secret discount today is 20% off for the first patient who leaves a response to this blog. Danny Rubin, I hope to hear from you!