Rosemary's Dentist

by Alison

rosemarys baby boozeAs both of my readers know I love old movies. This week's is Rosemary’s Baby. There are a lot of reasons that I like this movie. It’s scary but not gory, it’s got an all star cast, but most of all I love the era it portrays so beautifully.

This movie was made in the late 60’s and portrays all the silliness and fashion of that era. You can see in this photo the four main characters are having a celebratory drink. You see, Rosemary, played by Mia Farrow, just announced that she’s pregnant. What better way to celebrate than a little fetal alcohol syndrome!

dentist dr shand phil leeds newyearrosemaryAnd there was a small dental scene as you can see in color here. At the New Years party Minnie, played by the fabulous Ruth Gordon, introduces her dentist friend, Dr. Shand, played by Phil Leeds. The way she introduces him caught my ear. She says, “He used to be a famous dentist.”

I find that odd as there are so few truly famous dentists. I mean we in the dental world think there are famous dentists, but really they are only famous to people who work in dentistry. Painless Parker comes to mind and Hermy the cartoon dental student in 'Santa Clause Is Coming to Town'. As one of my patients just pointed out, if a dentist is famous it’s probably not a good thing like that awful dentist who killed Cecil the lion.

Can you think of any famous dentists? Do you need a good dentist who is toiling in obscurity? If so we can help you with that. Give us a call 703-532-1712