Big Bad Breath

by Alison

big bad wolfe nyer cartoonI love The New Yorker magazine. The fiction is delish and the cartoons always give me a giggle. This one of the big bad wolf giving himself a breath spritzer before huffing and puffing cracks me up. Even fictional, animal villains care about their breath!

Then again after I scanned it and blew it up bigger it seems perhaps that the big bad wolf is using an asthma inhaler. Hmmm that might make more sense especially as he warns about huffing and puffing, an inhaler might be a good idea.

So I don’t know - is this wolf concerned about his breath or an asthma attack?  I am going with breath so that I can make this point. Everyone is concerned about having good breath.  If you are concerned we can help you with that. Give us a call 703-532-1712