Multiuse Dentifrice

by Alison

Apparently, there are a lot of things you can do with toothpaste in addition to cleaning your teeth. You can check out the many things toothpaste can clean with this link.

bacon and cupcake paste (2)I would give a word of caution, however, about using toothpaste on things that can be scratched. As I have blogged about previously toothpastes can vary in their abrasiveness. So I am guessing there are brands that could scratch your watch face or headlight. Bon Ami

Today’s double top secret discount (*OPPPM) is 20% off the first patient who replies to this blog online and mentions three of the things on the “things you can do with toothpaste list”.

If you’d like to discuss the many uses of toothpaste or anything at all please email or call us at 703-532-1712

*One per patient per month.