Skull Teeth

by Alison

This time of year there are lots of skulls around. There are skulls at CVS, and Home Depot, my neighbor's yards, and in so many movies around Halloween. Most of them do dental anatomy wrong. The skulls often have all incisors (front teeth), or all cuspids (pointy teeth). Dental dorks like me notice these things.

gruesome banner psycho 820x410This is the remains of Norman Bates’ mother from the Alfred Hitchcock classic, “Psycho”.  I love the anatomy on her teeth. She has proper central incisors (front teeth) and the lateral incisors (front side teeth) are anatomically correct too. The lower incisors are crowded and stained, which is really spot on. She has pointy cuspids, bicuspids, and three molars! Wow, anatomically correct all the way around!

Dr. Urban and I just discussed this and I am now pretty sure this is indeed a real skull. I’d bet that they took a real skull and put clay or paper mache over it. The double top secret discount for today is 15% off the next appointment for the first patient to respond to this blog online.

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