Tooth & Nail

by Alison

I love to get a mani/pedi. If I had my way I’d get a mani/pedi every three weeks. But then the credit card bill comes in, and I decide that I can do it myself. I go to a medium priced nail salon near my house. I pay $35 for the pedicure and $45 for a gel manicure. The gel costs a bit more but really does last three full weeks. So by the time I tip them I’m out a hundred bucks. Don’t get me wrong I think it’s worth it, and I am delighted with the result, but still . . . a hundred bucks. Therefore I treat myself to such things only occasionally.

We have many patients who want us to participate with their insurance plans in order to save them some money. I understand saving money - We all want to do that. But let’s take a look at value and manicures vs. dental cleanings.

Degrees – A dental degree takes eight years of higher education, and there is  a very rigorous licensing process requiring yearly continuing education. A hygiene degree takes at least two years of higher education, and there is a very rigorous licensing process requiring yearly continuing education. A nail technician needs what, a cosmetology license?

Cost – We charge $149. They charge $100 (with tip)

Number of teeth – 28 (typically) $5.32 per tooth.

Number of nails – 20 (typically) $5.00 per nail.

Lasts – three weeks for fingernails. A dental cleaning lasts from three to six months!

What patients who want us to “participate” with their insurances might not realize is participating knocks our fees to less than $149.00 ARE YOU KIDDING ME?! If you think paying $100 for a mani/pedi is a crazy, luxury then you can talk to me about lowering our fees. If you get manicures or pedicures, and you want us to lower our fees, then you have a value system that I do not share.

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