Unexpected Extractions

by Alison

dog leash in mouthI find this picture both funny and distressing. I’m sure it’s Photo Shopped, but I can just feel the dog getting ready to go bananas and yank the leash. When I have to drop my dog’s leash I step on it. I’d never put it in my mouth. After all, I think her leash is probably pretty dirty. I often drop it, and it gets dragged through dirt, grass and worse, so putting it in my mouth is not something I’d do.

I handed a patient a sealed two pack of ibuprofen on Friday. She was struggling and started to open it with her teeth. I was aghast and opened it for her with scissors.

I know it seems like teeth are stronger than plastic so opening a plastic Advil packet should be no problem, right? Wrong. When you bite on anything other than food your teeth are pressing against each other in an unnatural, high stress, and likely to break way. Today’s double top secret discount is 15% off for the first person to reply to this blog here online.

So don’t open stuff with your teeth. Teeth are for chewing food only not biting fingernails. Don’t open bottles, or plastic packages with your teeth. Don’t hold things in your mouth like dog leashes. And if you need a good dentist give us a call 703-532-1712 FallsChurchSmiles.com