Winner Winner Chicken Dinner!


We have a winner! One of my long-time, favorite patients initials, V.G., has claimed all previous double top secret discounts.  We now owe her 10% off her next three visits, and 15% off the fourth, as well as a dozen floss samples.

Now that



This past week some friends and I were at a cookout. Our host grilled corn on the cob. Everyone raved about how delicious and sweet it was. I passed on it, even though I love corn on the cob. When my friend, Kris, asked if I would like an ear I



We will be on vacation next week. Dr. Urban is going to a family reunion. I will be in the office a few hours each day to return phone calls and check the mail. Beth will be going to Mexico.

If you need anything while we are out don’t hesitate to