Winner Winner Chicken Dinner!

by Alison

chicken dinnerWe have a winner! One of my long-time, favorite patients initials, V.G., has claimed all previous double top secret discounts.  We now owe her 10% off her next three visits, and 15% off the fourth, as well as a dozen floss samples.

Now that someone has claimed a blog-discount for the first time I should probably post a few discount rules:

  1. One discount per visit.
  2. Once a discount has been claimed it is gone.
  3. Discounts are given to the first person who emails, calls, or posts a comment to this blog.
  4. Discounts apply only to services that are not already discounted by insurance.
  5. The limit is currently five discounts per year per patient.

V.G. fit all the criteria,  so she's the big winner. Congrats to V.G.! Please read future blog posts for future discounts.  And please post comments. I love hearing from you guys!