“Tab Hunter Confidential” is a documentary about the 1950’s movie star, Tab Hunter. I found it pretty interesting. While I was aware that Tab Hunter was a matinee idol of the 1950’s, I had no idea that Tab Hunter also had a music career. He had a

World on a String


Floss is a great tool for keeping teeth clean, but it’s also a pretty strong multiuse string. A prisoner in Charlestown, West Virginia used dental floss to escape!

According to the, “while cameras, guards and computer-controlled doors

Dental Champion


We all know that Muhammad Ali was the greatest heavy weight boxing champion of all time. What I didn’t know was that he was also a champion for children’s dental health.

Grush Gush


Wow, this new kid’s toothbrush is bound to put us out of business!  As both of my blog readers know I don’t often gush about new dental products. But I am gushing about Grush.

Grush is so much more than a tooth brush. It’s an interactive video

Tiger’s Tooth Trouble


"Dude with a video camera on his shoulder, right in front of me, kneeling, stood up and turned and caught me square on the mouth. He chipped that one, cracked the other one”