by Alison

“Tab Hunter Confidential” is a documentary about the 1950’s movie star, Tab Hunter. I found it pretty interesting. While I was aware that Tab Hunter was a matinee idol of the 1950’s, I had no idea that Tab Hunter also had a music career. He had a number 1 hit! According to the movie the Warner Brothers movie studio started up their recording studio just for Tab.

tab young croppedI enjoyed the movie and I, of course, noticed Tab Hunter’s teeth. They were gorgeous – straight and white with just a hint of a gap in the front. I’d bet that those teeth are totally natural. There weren’t great bleaching options back then, and the gap leads me to believe they were naturally straight.

tab olderHe is 84 years old now and was about 83 when, “Tab Hunter Confidential” was made. He’s still a handsome man, and his teeth are still very nice, but I’d bet they are no longer natural. Sigh, nothing lasts forever.

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