Grush Gush

by Alison

Wow, this new kid’s toothbrush is bound to put us out of business!  As both of my blog readers know I don’t often gush about new dental products. But I am gushing about Grush.

grush with kidGrush is so much more than a tooth brush. It’s an interactive video game that gets kids to brush properly in real time.  You can check it out with this link

 The brush is actually a gaming wand controller and toothbrush in one. It shows kids how well they are brushing by making it a game. It also sends the information to the parent’s cell phone so they can monitor how well kids are brushing.

I order two of these for the office. Two of the ladies here at the dental office have preschoolers and I wanted to see how they like it. Both of their kids love it. One kid insisted that he use the Grush as opposed to his regular brush,  and the other one asked to  brush as soon as she got home from school!

This Grush tooth brush is brilliant and affordable at $59. Sure, $59 is a bit pricey until you consider that one small filling for a kid is two to three times that amount.  This brush could easily pay for itself by saving the need for one small filling.

The double-top-secret dental discount for this week is a free Grush Brush for the first patient of record who calls for it. That’s worth $63 bucks with shipping.

If you’d like to talk about Grush or any dental issues give us a call 703-532-1712