Confirmation Consternation


Many medical and dental offices are now confirming appointments electronically. We too have an electronic system that will confirm appointments via text or email.

We have found that people who are under the age of 50 love this system. People 50-70

Gum Gardening


Spring has sprung and my garden needs tending. Every day I see the weeds popping up. It’s amazing to me how fast things that I don’t want in my garden grow.

Really it’s the same with teeth. Every day we need to remove the bacteria that cause gum

Me First!


“I want to go first!” young Chase exclaimed.  “No me first!” his sister, Madison, protested.  “I’m oldest. It should be me!” insisted Andy, the oldest at 11.

This is what I heard from the three kids that just walked in the door. They love



I’ve been watching an old sit com on Hulu, “Ugly Betty”. It’s a cute show about a young woman, who is supposedly ugly, trying to fit in with her co-workers at a fashion magazine.

The makers of the show took a pretty actor (America Ferra) and gave