Confirmation Consternation

by Alison

man may 23Many medical and dental offices are now confirming appointments electronically. We too have an electronic system that will confirm appointments via text or email.

We have found that people who are under the age of 50 love this system. People 50-70 like it, and may or may not use the system correctly. You see it’s not just a reminder, our system asks you to respond to the text or email so that we know you will be here. People who are under 50 seem to understand that immediately. People 50 -70 catch on once we show them how.

may 23 ladyPeople over 70 are baffled by their cell phones if they even have one.  I have one 74 year old who hates having texts on his phone and feels he must delete them as soon as he responds. I assured him that he could leave it there. My assurances fell on deaf ears. He grudgingly allows us to text him.  We have a 71 year old woman who says her cell phone number is, “only for family”. We see a 77 year old former attorney, a really sharp guy, who after we explained the system to him didn’t text back the one number that the system asks for, which lets us know that he he will be here. His text response to our text was, “Dj F   q”. We assumed he would be here.

So all you septuagenarian & octogenarians break out those texting skills and show me that I am wrong.  I am hoping that my next blog will be an apology to all of you who have proven to me that texting back a single number isn’t beyond your technical skill set.

Here’s the double-top-secret discount for the week. Everyone 70 or older who responds correctly to their text confirmation, and who mentions this blog, will get 10% off their next dental cleaning here at 703-532-1712