Me First!

by Alison

“I want to go first!” young Chase exclaimed.  “No me first!” his sister, Madison, protested.  “I’m oldest. It should be me!” insisted Andy, the oldest at 11.

This is what I heard from the three kids that just walked in the door. They love being here at the dental office. We’ve been seeing them since they were still in utero. OK, we didn’t see them then, but we saw their mom then. Consequently, we’ve seen these 8 year old twins and their 11 year old brother since they first sprouted teeth.

We’ve seen them every 6 months, and so they’ve never had anything but fun dental visits that end with prizes. I’d love it if every kid could have fluoridated water & toothpaste, good home care, and regular dental visits. Then all kids would be as happy in the dental office as these kids are.

If you’d like to have a fun dental visit that ends with a prize give us a call. 703-532-1712