by Alison

I’ve been watching an old sit com on Hulu, “Ugly Betty”. It’s a cute show about a young woman, who is supposedly ugly, trying to fit in with her co-workers at a fashion magazine.

ugly betty cropped for blogamerica ferrera facebook 1cropped for blogThe makers of the show took a pretty actor (America Ferra) and gave her bad clothes, no makeup, a bad hair-do, glasses, ruffled up her eye brows. However, I think the most dramatic thing to make her ugly is lots and lots of braces on her teeth. No Invisalign for Betty. She’s got some serious railroad tracks going on.

It’s easy to see that her teeth are straight and pretty under all that metal. However, pretty teeth covered in metal and blue rubber bands are still not very pretty.

Today’s message is the same as it so often is - you gotta have pretty teeth to be pretty.

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