Worse Than the Plague

by Alison

If you’ve been keeping up with the latest health information (or if you watch yogurt commercials) then you know that researchers are discovering the importance of bacteria that live in and on us. We now know that bacteria can be helpful, and a balance of the proper bacteria is important for many of our body systems. These bacteria and microorganisims are known as the microbiome.

If you’ve been keeping up with my blog (and I know you have, Aunt Carol and Uncle John) then you know that I rank cigarettes right up there with the plague. Actually I think cigarettes are worse as no one ever spent money on a pack of the plague. No one ever thought it looked cool to have the plague. So yeah, I am saying it, cigarettes are worse than the plague.

Check out this, “US News” link to a study showing that cigarette smoke disturbs the microbiome of the mouth allowing the bad bacteria to proliferate and suppressing some of the good. http://health.usnews.com/health-news/articles/2016-03-29/smoking-triggers-big-changes-in-mouth-bacteria-study-finds

Here is just one of the bad things that smoke does to the oral microbiome.  “Compared with nonsmokers, smokers had 10 percent more species of Streptococcus, which promotes tooth decay, the study authors said.”

Up until now we thought that the smoke dried the mouth causing more decay and periodontal disease. Now it looks like cigarette smoke is doing worse things than just drying the mouth. Cigarette smoke is actually changing the microbiome of the mouth in harmful ways.

So if you want to wreck your life smoke up. If you want healthy teeth and gums that last a lifetime give us a call 703-532-1712 FallsChurchSmiles.com