by Alison

One of our long time patients sent me the photo below. I just love it.

dave myles demented op photoOne thing you might notice in this photo is the cuspidor, or spit sink, to the right of the chair. Twenty years or so ago we got rid of the cuspidors in our office. Why? They are disgusting. Patients who are numb, salivating like crazy, and often bleeding trying to expectorate into a target less than a foot wide often miss. They would end up spitting on themselves, the chair, the equipment, and the floor. It was just gross. This photo illustrates just how much of a mess can come from spitting ;-)

nice op photoSo now what we do is rinse the patient while they are reclined and suction out the excess with the saliva ejector. It’s much more hygienic. You can see the same operatory without a cuspidor ;-) Which would you prefer ?

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