I Scream

by Alison

ice cream coneI scream when I eat ice cream. Well, I almost screamed today when I was furniture shopping by the Baskin Robins. Normally I would not make a trip for ice cream, but the strawberry cheesecake called my name as I parked and went into the upholstery pit next door.

When I left the furniture store I could not resist the temptation. My sugar cone was glorious until I got greedy and bit into my tasty treat. Ice cream squished up my left buccal vestibule (the vestibule is the area between your cheek and teeth. It’s where you can slip your finger inside your mouth if you keep your teeth together) I wrapped my hand around my mouth to keep from screaming from the cold sensitivity. I rubbed the cheek trying to warm it up and move the cold stuff clinging to my teeth.  It hurt like the dickins, and took the majority of the enjoyment from my frozen sugar and fat fest.

Being a dental professional I do know the cure. I hope we have some around the office. Sometimes we do sometimes we don’t. I bet I have some in my medicine chest at home, but by the time I got home I forgot about my trauma.

If you have severe cold sensitivity give us a call. We can help you with that. 703-532-1712 FallsChurchSmiles.com