Smiting Spoonerisms

by Alison

 fox news bad teeth croppedThe smart fellah pictured to the right is Lt. Col. Ralph Peters. He was on Fox News the other day and had a bit of a verbal snafu, or in this case an unintentional spoonerism. “An example [of a spoonerism] is saying "The Lord is a shoving leopard" instead of "The Lord is a loving shepherd. Now re-read that first line. That’s right; I’m here all week folks. Remember to tip your waiters.

However, the reason I am writing about this guy isn’t the spoonerism, it is because his teeth are unsightly. I understand if a person has had hardships in their life and cannot afford dental treatment, but this guy is a TV talking head on a national show, and a retired Lt Col., so I have to think he’s got a couple bucks. His teeth look even worse if you see the video and see him talking or worse yet laughing; then they really show. This makes me wonder why he doesn’t get his teeth fixed. I have to think he has some dental phobia.  At least he’s got a good sense of humor about his little verbal misstep, which I found very funny.

So if you have a sophomoric sense of humor check out the link with the photo, and watch the 19 second video that this guy is in. If you know Col. Peters please have him call us. We can help him 703-532-1712