Takin’ It to the Street

by Alison

street dentist

I think the picture above is indeed worth a thousand words, and I just love what we can see here. What we are seeing is an Indian "street dentist" and his patient. The fact that they took their shoes off cracks me up. These guys are sitting on a matt with leaves, dirt, bird poo and who knows what other contaminants all around, but they wouldn’t want those dirty shoes to contaminate the mat. Then again maybe it’s not about contamination but rather about comfort. While I love what we can see, in this case what we can’t see is really making me curious.

I love the purple sign tied to the fence showing pink and white dentures. It’s very eye catching and I’d like to know what it says. Teeth in a day? Painless dentistry? Movie star teeth?

I am dying to know what is in this street dentist’s bag, which you can see behind his elbow, and what conditions he can treat. The article, which you can read at http://www.bbc.com/news/world-asia-india-35299619 seems to indicate that he does extractions and that makes sense. He must be able to take impressions since he is advertising dentures, and many impressions don’t require electricity or water.  Does this guy remove decay? Does he do cleanings? I am guessing he doesn’t take insurance. I’d love to know what he charges. I’ve never wanted to go to India before, but now I’d love to go and see exactly what these street dentists do.

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