My Left Foot

by Alison

Losing teeth was recently found to be as serious as losing a limb, according to Newcastle University in the U.K. They recently published a study about that in the journal, “Sociology of Health and Illness” and you can read more about it with this link

I was not surprised to read what most people would consider to be a shocking comparison - losing teeth to losing limbs. You see we have made that comparison for years in the dental office. We’ve had more than one patient say, “Oh well, if I lose my teeth I can get dentures.” We warn them not to think that dentures are a great substitute for natural teeth. Our line is something like, “that’s like saying you can have your leg amputated and just get a prosthesis. You can do that, but it will never be the same.” Sure enough that article is making that same comparison.

However, I can say that dental implants are just about as good as natural teeth. They don’t come out, and you can clean them just like natural teeth. You can talk just fine with dental implants. They often last a lifetime, look great, and feel great. The big downside to the dental implants is the time in the dental chair. It can take hours and several visit over several months. And there is the cost. The average implant start to finish is around five grand a tooth.

So today’s blog message is the same as it so often is. Prevention is so much easier than restoration so clean your teeth well, every day, with fluoride toothpaste. Use a mouth guard if you play contact sports. See your dentist regularly to prevent small dental problems from becoming large dental problems. And call us if you have any questions 703-532-1712