442 Billion $

by Alison

442 billion dollars is the total world wide cost per year due to dental disease according to the International and American Associations for Dental Research. You can check out their report with this link http://www.cbsnews.com/news/dental-diseases-cost-billions-of-dollars-a-year-worldwide/

“The paper, titled "Global Economic Impact of Dental Diseases," estimated both direct costs, or the overall expenditures for dental health care, and indirect costs associated with the three most prevalent oral conditions: untreated tooth decay, severe periodontitis and severe tooth loss.”

This makes me crazy when I think of how easily and inexpensively those three things -tooth decay, periodontitis, and severe tooth loss - can be avoided. We see it in the dental office every day. People who brush for 2-3 minutes with a soft bristled brush, use fluoride tooth paste, and get floss or preferably tooth picks between their teeth every day have very few dental problems, those who don’t suffer from cavities and loss of teeth. Of course, not all dental problems can be avoided, but I guarantee a huge percentage of them can be with proper home care, and routine dental checkups. Much like many communicable diseases can be avoided with proper sanitation, so much dental disease could be avoided by proper oral hygiene.

So now what? How do we help people everywhere get the message and get a good toothbrush, tooth paste, and some tooth picks and get them to use them for three minutes every day? I’m really not sure. Some people catch on right away when we tell them this, and some just don’t seem to hear the message. For my part I will keep sending this message via my blog. BUSH AND PICK, BRUSH AND PICK EVERY DAY!

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