CBD & Dentistry


“We sell CBD oil in the office because it is great for people who experience anxiety, seizures, temporomandibular joint pain, bruxism, and insomnia, and it has anti-inflammatory properties,” is the astonishing quote I found in, “Inside Dentistry”



Say it ain’t so Johnny!

I was looking for images of Johnny Depp as it has come to light that recently he looks too thin and unwell. So I had to check out what his teeth look like. I found this image, and I hope it is a fake.

Whether or not this

Bohemian Rhapsody


I really enjoyed the new movie about Queen, “Bohemian Rhapsody”. Anyone who is familiar with Queen and their lead singer, Freddy Mercury, knows that he had really prominent front teeth, some would say bucked teeth, and the movie didn’t shy away from

Tony's Tooth


I love, “The Sopranos” the series that ushered in the golden age of television. The writing, acting, and production values are top notch. Each episode was a little movie. If you like dark, gritty dramas it’s totally worth watching.

The Sopranos had

MTM & the DDS


As I’ve mentioned previously I love Mary Tyler Moore. I thought her 1970’s TV show was just great. I was watching season 1 episode 4 entitled, “Divorce Isn’t Everything” in which Mary ends up going to the dentist.

The thing I found interesting is