Oral Cancer


We at the dental office have had a sad and alarming week. One of our long-time patients is losing half of his tongue to cancer. How can that be? If he was a patient of record we would have caught the cancer in time, so that it would be a small

The Dutches’ Diastema


The Dutches of Sussex, Megan Markle, had a diastema back in the day. A diastema is a gap in general and particularly between the front teeth.

It looks to me as if she had braces and veneers, but maybe just braces, or maybe just veneers, but for

Tooth & Nail


I love these fingernails. This nail tech made the fingernails into teeth!

I have realized in doing my own nails at home that we are using very similar products to do teeth. The light cured composite resin that we use is similar to the light-cured

We Love Our Patients


And they love us. One of our long-time patients is a huge Beatles fan, and he collects their memorabilia. We already knew this about him as we like to chit-chat and get to know personal details.

This particular patient is a bit dental phobic, and

Rainbow Grill


I am a huge fan of the Podcast and YouTube channel known as “The Joe Rogan Experience”. I remember when that sentence would have made no sense to me. Anyway, Joe and his guest were talking about this guy in the photo, or I would have never heard of



I've said it before, and I'll say it again, a person cannot be pretty without pretty teeth.

I got an app this weekend that manipulates images of faces. It's called Mug Life and it's pretty fun, I guess. I got it because it said it would