Savannah’s Smile


Here in the dental office, we get a lot of magazines, and "People" magazine is a favorite with patients. The January 15 cover of, "People" has a really nice picture of Hoda and Savannah. They both look gorgeous, but Savannah’s teeth are bothering

Emancipate Your Hands


I found a nifty toothbrush online this weekend. I am tempted to buy this thing as it claims to “Clean your tooth in just 10 seconds”. The reason I believe this is because each tooth should take about 10 seconds to brush. That’s right they wrote



I can’t believe with all these MLK Day blogs I have written that I have yet to discuss Dr. King’s teeth. Maybe it’s because he seldom showed his teeth.

I just did a Google search for images of him, and this was the only one that I found showing

Olga’s Open Bite


I loved Olga Korbut. I remember 1972 summer Olympics very clearly although I was only 7 years old. Olga stole the hearts of Americans as the plucky little Soviet girl from Belarus. She was amazing on the uneven bars, her floor routine was great, and



As I have mentioned previously we are seeing a veritable epidemic of tooth decay lately.  Patients are, of course, upset by this.

Universally they want to know what is causing their decay. When we try to help them figure it out frequently

The Princess & The PFM’s


Megan Markle is gorgeous. There’s no two ways about it. Gorgeous face, hair, clothes, body, makeup, great career, well spoken, she’s the total package. Megan shares the recent cover of People Magazine with her fiance’ Harry . . . Windsor? Is Harry’s