Eight Ball


LaVar Ball is a marketing genius. I had no idea who he was just last week. Now I am blogging about his teeth. Whether or not you like him, ya gotta admit, he knows how to get attention.

In this image you can see that his right central incisor



The American Dental Association sends us a nifty email each morning with interesting dental stories. Today they sent one from “Self” magazine. It was all about gum disease and how it’s “no joke”. I couldn’t agree more.
At this very moment, a patient



How cute is this kid! I just love this photo. This is Ben AKA “Macho”. He’s our assistant Tiffanie’s son. You can see that he is missing an upper front tooth. And you can also see that front tooth in his hand.

Kids sometimes get scared when

Mea Culpa!


My teeth feel so good! Nicole very kindly cleaned my teeth this morning and they feel glorious, and they look so nice. I am luxuriating in the feel of super clean, super shiny teeth. BUT, and yeah that’s a big but, she found some decay! We have been

Lucky Tom


I love Tom Petty, and I really like the TV show he was on, King of the Hill. Tom was the voice of “Lucky”, Hank Hill’s quirkily philosophical nephew in law.

One of Lucky’s most prominent traits was his goofy front teeth, as you can see in this