Everyone loves the first action scene in “Raiders of the Lost Ark”. It’s known as the ‘golden idol scene’ and I was able to watch in on YouTube, and you can too with this link.

While I have seen this

Breaking News


This is amazing, incredibly valuable new information on how to have healthy teeth and gums that last a lifetime. I don’t mind telling you that I was floored when I read this Reuters report

DIY Veneers


I love YouTube. It put this YouTuber, Roberto Balanzar, into my feed. I have a lot to say about Roberto’s DIY veneers that he got from Brighter Image - a lab that makes low cost, do-it-yourself dental veneers.

First off, we all know that most



Holy cow, we were on vacation for two weeks then I took an extra Monday to see the eclipse. During that time I reread “1984”. Wow, it’s so dark and disturbing and particularly timely as we all walk around with telescreens, not just on every wall

Microbiome Mysteries


Another week, another really good movie to talk about. “Life on Us: A Microscopic Safari” is an Amazon Prime movie that I found super interesting. It’s all about the microbiome that is all around us, helping us to do things like digest food and

Celebrity Smiles


What a difference good looking teeth can make! I found this great compilation of before and after pics of celebrities who have had some nice dental work. You can check it out with this link: