I know it’s corny to do the, ‘I am thankful for' blog today, and I’m gonna do it anyway. I am really thankful that I have great teeth. They look fabulous, they function wonderfully well, and I know how to take good care of them. I am super thankful

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Green Boa, White Teeth

Happy St. Patrick’s Day!

My friend took this photo of me on Saturday, she also lent me the green boa. The reason I am posting it here is because I love the way my teeth look in this photo.
If you would like to have a smile like this give us a

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I Scream

I scream when I eat ice cream. Well, I almost screamed today when I was furniture shopping by the Baskin Robins. Normally I would not make a trip for ice cream, but the strawberry cheesecake called my name as I parked and went into the upholstery

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Love My Teeth

I cropped this photo of me from a wedding that I attended last week. This photo was taken by my friend, Christina Taylor, who is a professional photographer. She also took the photo of me in my St. Patrick's Day 2012 blog. If you ever need

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Pinko Commie Teeth

Today I get to be the dental patient. My lower teeth are a little bit crowded, and as we mature our teeth tend to shift forward, so my crowding wasn’t getting better; it was getting worse. You can see in the photo below, my lowers seem to be leaning

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Sunshine Smile

Today I pulled into the dental office parking lot facing the glorious sun rising in the east. I love this time of year when the days are getting longer, the sun comes up a little earlier every day. So I sat there basking in the sun for a minute

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