I have more than one friend whose kid has knocked out an adult tooth. When a tooth is knocked out we say it has been avulsed. I just checked the online definition for avulsed. Eww, lots of nasty things can happen to the human body; apparently not

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Cutie Cousin

Holy cow, how cute is this kid? Of course, I might be a little biased as this is my cousin’s kid. Her teeth, or lack of teeth, just crack me up. If you look closely you can see her new adult tooth just starting to peek through the gum. That adult

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Pumpkin Teeth

I had my cousin’s seven year old daughter this past weekend and she lost a tooth. She was complaining about it quite a bit before it fell out, and I told her to just keep wiggling it. It was two days of -

“Ali, my tooth is bothering me.”


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Tooth Monster


I saw this on Facebook the other day. I thought they were cute. Although I can say that the “monster” in orange appears to have adult upper front teeth.

Little kids teeth are square; they are usually as wide as they are long. Adult teeth

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Wiggle Wiggle Wiggle

I can remember being about seven years old and I had a loose baby tooth. I was being whiney and refused to wiggle it. “It hurts”, I complained.

My grandmother had raised 5 children and so she had pulled many baby teeth by the time I was shedding my

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