DIY Veneers

I love YouTube. It put this YouTuber, Roberto Balanzar, into my feed. I have a lot to say about Roberto’s DIY veneers that he got from Brighter Image - a lab that makes low cost, do-it-yourself dental veneers.

First off, we all know that most

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Light Show

We’ve all seen the dental whitening kits and programs that use special lights to supposedly increase the power of the bleach, and/or decrease the amount of time necessary to get a brighter smile.

Bleaching products that are recommended by your

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Smokin’ Spies

Lately I’ve been watching old, "Mission Impossible re-runs from the 1960’s. The first thing that struck me was Barbara Bain playing, “Cinnamon Carter”, Elite Magazine’s Model of the Year, and the Mission Impossible Team’s sexy, secret

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Trump's Teeth

There is an article in the Washington Post published on Saturday the 13th in which a gal from the Eastern Shore says, “teeth are the telltale, visible sign of wealth.” 

The article is mostly about the haves and the have-nots. It discusses the

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Whiter Onion

I love, “the Onion”. It often makes me laugh out loud. So when I saw this meme I had to share it.

While this is funny (at least to those of us in dentistry) it’s also false. We can certainly make your teeth whiter.

If you’d like whiter teeth give

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